is the Motion Graphics Collaboratory team run by digital artist SHTYLER. We are a Global CGi and creative studio of award-winning Digital Artists with decades of experience across the Advertising and Brand Experience industries. As specialists in RnD, Creative Production and Experience design, cinema, we push the boundaries of the imagination exploring the edges of what is possible to make big ideas a reality.

Partnering with agencies, production companies and brands, we solve tough creative challenges and bring visually stunning stories to life across linear and interactive media. We have people in Milan, New York, Shanghai.

Our international teams are from diverse backgrounds because we fundamentally believe our creativity needs diversity to produce extraordinary work.
We create ideas how to visualize brands, we bring them and their products to the world, we can say we materialize the business, we convey the essence to the consumer.
Featured and Awards
Behance Featured Projects - 30 pieces - 12 / 2022
London International Creative Competition – Finalists – 04 / 2021
Sreda 2020. New Design Festival - Visual solutions in advertising *Silver - 12 / 2020
Motion Design Awards - Video of the day - 11 / 2020
designcollector - - 10 / 2020
STASH Media - - 10 / 2020 Internet magazine - "Girls and Grandparents are at risk" - 06 / 2020
Performing Arts Books - "Motion Graphics - 100 Design Projects You Can't Miss" -  04 / 2018
Speakers at  - CG Event Moscow - 12 / 2016
Our Brands
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