The project was created for the biggest online store of tires and car accessories in Russia.
We created 15-second animation and two key visuals to support the spring campaign.
Working on the concepts, we wanted to show the diversity of the products online store has to offer and depict them in a playful manner. Bright colors, interesting textures and energetic music helped us create a vivid story and emphasize the shop's main advantages, including the amount of various products and the possibility to order all necessary wares with just one click in the mobile application.

Our favorite part of the video is the car at the end of the animation.  All dog-owners will understand – this car is absolutely happy!
Alternative version
Client – Kolesa Darom
Artyushkina Anastasia – Marketing Director
Ilya Lushnikov – Project Coordinator (Head of Design Department)
Odintsov Sergey – Head of Advertising Department
Ryabov Alexander, Shamsiev Ilnaz, Polina Dolgoarshinnykh – Design
Dmitriy Glazyrin – Creative Director, Look Development, Post Production
Zhanna Travkina – Producer
Paul Shtyler & Alexandr Tumasov – Art-Direction & Design
Alexandr Tumasov – Concept Lead
Alexey Kalinin – RnD Simulation
Pavel Gaisin – Motion & Animation
Paul Shtyler – Compositing
Stefan Evrard – Sound & SFX
Deem Naheem / Andrey Korepanov – Sound & SFX (additional version)
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